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6920IP Phone, UC360IP, and 6970IP Conference Phone/ Secure eFax Service

Mitel 6920 IP

Mitel UC360

This documentation will help you get started using the Mitel phone system.

If you have any questions, please contact IT Services for assistance.        

Dialing Rules

  • To reach other Mitel phones users dial their 4 digit extension

  • All other calls, local (in the 501 area code) or long-distance dial 9 + area code + seven digit number (in some cases you will need to add a 1 front of the area code)

6920IP Phone


Tutorial Videos


6290IP Phone End-User Standard Training

6920IP Phone Full User Guide

6290 End-User Standard Training


Add New Service, Change Service, Cancel Service

6920IP Phone Quick User Guide

Topics -

How to Hot Desk into your phone (Logging in)

Incoming Call

Transferring a call

Setting up a conference call on the 6920IP phone

Fixed Keys (What is there function)

Voice Mail

Quick References 

Quick Reference for some of the most common uses for the 6920IP Phone

Logging in (Hot Desk)

Call Forwarding

Transferring a call

Restarting your phone

Set up a speed dial button

The following link is for various training videos for the Mitel 6920IP phone

(Disregard the WIFI, and Voicemail Videos)

Various videos include –

Phone Overview

Search for Contacts Using the Built in Phone Directory

Conference Calling

Transferring Calls

Basic Call Handling

Programmable Keys

Customize Your Phone

Voice Mail Quick Reference

Voicemail How To's

Quick Reference

Logging into Voicemail

Remotely Accessing Voicemail

Send a call to a user Voicemail directly


(Older models)

Mitel 6920 Compatible Headsets

How to setup the Plantronics CS50 or CS55

This is the current headset UALR IT recommends

Jabra Evolve 40 Stereo Headset

Integrated Busy Light

Passive Noise Cancellation

Adjustable Magnetic Boom Microphone

3.5 mm jack

USB connection to the phone

Secure eFax Service

Secure eFax Portal

(Also known as Fax-2-Email or F2E)

Secure eFax is the faxing service that has replaced the old hard line fax machines for UALR

Secure eFax Portal Instruction PDF 

Training Video

(Use Google Chrome) 1wT3YCAVa0oNCEjNDEXl78hwB1_5i1F9e

Portal Login

Login - will be the fax number

Passcode - Initially set by ITS, you will have to change this every 4-6 months. The passcode can then be set by the department. 

6970IP Conference Phone

Mitel 6970 Conference Phone

Mitel 6970 Conference Phone quick reference guide

Mitel 6970 Conference Phone

Various training and how to videos 

(Some features may not be available) 

User Manuel

UC360IP Conference Phone

Mitel UC360 Conference Phone

Mitel UC360

Mitel UC360 Conference Phone quick reference guide

Mitel UC360 Audio Conference

(Introduction Video)

(Introduction to presenting video)

User Manuel


MiCollab Softphone User Guides

Version 9.0

MiCollab Training Video


Login - will be email

passcode - JcqF9TVVv#S6 (default passcode)

Web based MiCollab is for normal usage for non ACD users. ACD users will have to have the Desktop Client Based version installed. The Client version is for ACD users only, and will not be installed on non ACD users desktops. Non ACD users wanting to use MiCollab will have to use the Web based version.

MiCollab Mobile App

MiCollab Mobile App Training Video


6920 End-user ACD  Training

ACD End User Training PDF

MiContact Center Business Web Ignite

How to Access Web Ignite

UA Little Rock

Web Based Ignite link -

Login - will be first part email (without the

Passcode - Mitel1

How to Manage Availability in Web Ignite (Agent States)

How to add Dashboards in Web Ignite 

How to view Queues in Web Ignite

Supervisors - Managing Agent States and Agent Groups

Web Ignite User Guide


How To? MiContact Center Business Supervising your Contact Center

CCMWeb - Contact Center Management Web

CCMWeb - Supervisor Overview

CCMWeb - Supervisor: How to run Reports

CCMWeb - Supervisor: How to add Email Contacts and Contact Groups

CCMWeb - Supervisor: How to setup Scheduled Reports

CCMWeb - Supervisor: How to set up User Report Schedule

CCMWeb login link

Login - will be email

Passcode - Mitel1

CCMWeb User Guide

DEMO: MiContact Center Business - Supervisor Experience