Bulk add iPads to UALR-IoT WiFi network

This guide lists instructions for adding large volume of iPads to the IoT WiFi network. This guide is somewhat applicable to adding any listing of devices to the IoT network based on MAC address and registered to someone’s account.


Download CSV file of iPad MAC addresses and register to UALR-IoT WiFi network.

  1. Download Chrome Webdriver at this site or through Chocolatey.

  2. The CSV file can be downloaded from Intune at this link. Click the Export link and make sure the MAC address is listed.

  3. Clone or download the archive of BJ’s Github tool at this link. Follow instructions listed in README.MD.

  4. Edit the CSV file with expected columns, no headers, renamed and copied to appropriate config location as described in the README.MD.

  5. Input credentials into configuration config.json file.

  6. Run install.cmd from Administrator PowerShell or Command Prompt.

  7. Start chromedriver.exe.

  8. Run run.cmd file.

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