Modifying a previously-registered smart device or appliance

Unlike your computer or mobile device, certain devices such as smart televisions, game consoles, and streaming appliances (AppleTV, Roku, etc.) may not support the 802.1x wireless network authentication used on the UALR-WiFi network. These devices should instead use the UALR-IoT wireless network. Devices must be registered prior to joining the wireless network.

Wireless Device Registration

Step-by-step guide

Follow these instructions to edit or remove a registered smart device or appliance from the campus wireless network.

  1. On a computer already connected to the campus network, visit the wireless device registration site and log in. The Manage Devices page will appear with a list of any previously-registered devices for your account.
  2. Select the device you wish to modify, and a menu will appear for that device.
    The options for the selected device include Remove, Edit, Sessions, and Print.
    1. To rename a device, select Edit next to the device, update the Description, and select Update Device to finish renaming your device.
      The MAC address and Display Name fields can be modified.
    2. To delete a device's registration, select Remove next to the device, choose to either Disable the account or Delete the account, and select Make Changes to finish disabling or deleting your device registration.
      The remove form displays options to disable (and retain) the device or delete the device.

Be sure to remove a device's registration once you are no longer using or in possession of the device (for example, if you give the device to someone else).